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Product description

Take to the field with confidence in the Lawton Smart Helmet.  This helmet elevates a player’s ability to play the game because it delivers what players want, and need in a helmet.

The early low air detection system ensures that players are always playing with equipment that is functioning optimally.  Every feature has been seemlessly integrated to increase the helmet’s durability, simplicity, ease of use, and most importantly, effectiveness.

Play ball in the helmet with more visibility than any other helmet available.  The increased vision helps players catch more balls and make more tackles.  Oh yeah, and it definitely keeps players from getting blind sided by that guy they otherwise wouldn’t have seen!

Product highlights

  • Keep your players safe from poorly fitted helmets caused by leaky air bladders with the low air detection system
  • Patent pending adjustable chin strap fasteners make it easy to get that perfect fit.
  • The worry free parts replacement program means that you are protected from unexpected equipment repair costs.
  • Visors, chin straps, face masks, pads, and installation of all hardware comes standard on all of our helmets. Say goodbye to getting nickeled and dimed on helmet orders once and for all!



From Leather to Plastic
From Plastic to Lawton



From Leather to Plastic
From Plastic to Lawton



Proactive Electronics

This helmet is so advanced, it can even tell a player when an air-bladder in their helmet needs more air, before they find out the hard way.

Increased Visibility

Better vision makes it easier to make better plays. That's why this helmet was created with an incredibly wide field of view, providing excellent peripheral vision with minimal blind spots. Antilight deflection technology further increases a player's vision by minimizing the glare deflected off of their facemask so they can see further and clearer.

Quick Release/Install Facemask

The face mask can be quickly removed and installed with very little effort. All it takes is a quarter of a turn to remove or tighten each of the four fasteners that secure the facemask to the helmet.




From the Experts

Concussion Prevention

In my 7 years in the NFL I had 2 concussions and both were due to under inflated helmets!!! With the development of the Lawton Helmet, several concussions will be prevented!!! I totally endorse this helmet!!!
Derrick Blaylock

Latest innovation

This is the latest innovation for athletes competing in contact sports. As a football coach, I can concentrate on other areas of our sport knowing that the Lawton Smart Helmet will take away some of the concerns involving brain injuries.
Eddie Roberts